Your legal exposure is cause for concern.
Quickly clarify and eliminate the confusion
surrounding financial statements.

Do you have to overly rely on financial people for making sense of financial information?

Do you consider yourself an intelligent leader but find yourself feeling confused by or deferring to strong financial types?

Are you concerned about your legal exposure from negligence for failure to catch and / or prevent illegal / unethical financial behavior?

Benefits other Corporate Board Directors
have experienced with Financial Scoreboard™...

You are reminded again and again of your vulnerability to financial and management misdeeds as each new financial scandal surfaces. Don't get caught off-guard. A financial scandal could find you negligent or land you in jail.

It is easy to be confused by financial information. Now you can protect yourself and avoid the legal exposure of negligence from confusing financial statements with Financial Scoreboard.

Know the smart questions to ask and make it much easier to evaluate the answers. Uncover erroneous financial statements. Hard to see patterns and concealed matters can be more readily revealed.

With Financial Scoreboard, every financial-statement amount is reconciled twice, so board members clearly see every financial cause and effect from multiple views.