Make it simple for non-financial managers to readily "connect the dots."
A shared decision support system creates
inter-departmental cohesion and teamwork.

Are you frustrated that non-financial colleagues cannot seem to understand and engage fully with standard financial statement information?

Do you wish they could understand the basic finance language, and how it connects to marketing, operations, engineering, HR, etc.?

Do you ever experience how difficult it is for accounting and finance to relate people and team behavior to financial results in ways that others can really work with it?

Benefits other CFOs / Controllers have experienced with Financial Scoreboard™...

With the Financial Scoreboard™, everyone can easily learn to speak a common, results-focused business language. People can more directly share inter-departmental knowledge and understanding and team together to solve the fundamental challenges.

Simultaneously communicate the functional strategies you recommend and the expected financial results with this powerful tool, getting leadership on the same page consistently around strategic financial issues and decisions.

Use the Financial Scoreboard's shared language of finance to create a focused, results-oriented feedback loop, develop and evaluate performance measures, relate behavior to results through Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), and predict the financial outcomes of decisions.

What Accountants are Saying

"We are able to move to a more value-based relationship with our clients."

"Allows us to make our information predictive, not just the usual post-mortem."

"Typically we have given only financial statements, now we have a great tool for saying 'here is a different way to look at your business' that really gives value to the numbers."

"A forward-looking analysis of what is really going on in a client's business that is great for getting people talking about other things than net profit."

"Now the statement 'You can understand where and how the cash is going in your business' is something I can really deliver on."

"We use it for internal financial literacy with our associates and satellite offices."

"A small business owner client told me - I never understood my financial statements... until you showed them to me this way."

"We have integrated this into our audit reporting, and use the Financial Scoreboard to present the information to be discussed during the management report meeting."

"Bankers go nuts over this stuff - they say 'wow', and they refer business."