Have financial acumen be another tool in your counseling.
Achieve your targets and goals with
tangible financial performance measures.

Are you frustrated by the lack of a shared language to evaluate performance, relate behavior to results, or to predict the financial outcomes of business issues you are called in on?

Do you sometimes wish you could be more proactive in your results being measured in financial terms, or perhaps even being compensated when those results warrant?

Are you uncomfortable with the gaps in your financial savvy? Are you afraid that you might look less competent if you speak up too much in a finance-focused discussion?

Do you tend to sway conversations to your own functional area when the nuts and bolts financial discussion is leaving you out?

Benefits other Business Management and
Organizational Development Consultants
have experienced with Financial Scoreboard™...

The shared language of the Financial Scoreboard lets you accurately evaluate the financial outcomes of business management decisions.

Create a focused, results-oriented feedback loop, develop and evaluate performance measures and relate behavior to results, giving the client more value and you more billable hours.

Financial Scoreboard provides you with a powerful tool for consistently getting leadership on the same page around the strategic issues by simultaneously communicating the functional strategies you recommend and the expected financial results.