Talk comfortably in financial terms.
Fully engage others to yield top performance.

Do you sometimes wish your direct reports could be more proactive in financial aspects of business problem-solving?

Are you frustrated by the low relevance of financial data to the business issues that you think are most critical or require real creativity?

Are you uncomfortable with the gaps in your financial acumen? Are you afraid that you might look less competent if you speak up too much in a finance-focused discussion?

Do you tend to sway conversations to your own functional area when the nuts and bolts financial discussion is leaving you out?

Benefits other Business Unit VPs / Leaders
have experienced with Financial Scoreboard™...

Rally the team and solve the issues that confront you. The overall common sense of financial data becomes much more obvious to non-financial folks with Financial Scoreboard, allowing them to stay engaged, productive and be more creative when financial issues are a priority. Feel competent in any financial conversation. Develop and evaluate performance measures collaboratively with non-MBAs. The ease of mastering and communicating the functional story and the financial story simultaneously with Financial Scoreboard motivates others and gets buy-in!

"An understanding of basic financial principles can help get beyond the "silo" of departmental (functional) perspective. That can make all the difference - especially in bad times."

The Fundamental Laws of Business, Harvard Management Update, April 2001.