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Frequently Asked Questions
Ordering the Financial Scoreboard™


What forms of payment do you accept?

The Financial Scoreboard website will accept payment by VISA and MasterCard online at http://www.financialscoreboard.com/scoreboard.html.

What if I have multiple users or sites that need Financial Scoreboard™/Financial Dashboard™ installed?

Please contact sales support for Site Licenses and multiple copy discounts.

How will I receive the Financial Scoreboard, Managing by the Numbers?

After you click the 'Purchase Now!' button, you will be taken through the order verification process. When your purchase is approved you'll be instructed on how to begin downloading Financial Scoreboard.

Please only click the ‘Submit Order’ button one time to avoid your credit card being charged twice. This website uses a secure online processing system and your credit card information is processed through a back end system away from the Internet to provide complete safety and security of your credit card information. Please note that Holisys® will appear on your Credit Card statement.

How do I receive my subscription to Financial Dashboard?

During the order verification process, you will be asked to select a username and password. Usernames and Passwords CAN NOT be the same, are restricted to a maximum of 8 characters and can contain only letters and/or numbers. Any blank spaces or special characters (*,!,#,? etc... ) will be removed. Please be sure to write this down and keep it in a secure place. You will receive an email with your Username and Password for your records.

Refunds and canceling your membership

All sales of the Financial Scoreboard are final. Your membership to Financial Dashboard is set to renew automatically unless you cancel your membership. If you forget your password, would you like to change your account information, or cancel your membership, please click here.

If you are experiencing a problem with your account, please contact us at support@financialscoreboard.com.

What do I do now that my order was approved?

Once your order is approved, you will be presented with the link "Please Click Here to Access your Report(s)". After you click on the link, you will next be presented with a file to download and save to your computer system's hard drive.

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to bookmark the URL address including the "bookmark and orderID" string exactly as it appears in your browser, save as favorites, or write this address down (and save all instructions). In the unlikely event of a power outage or if service is for any reason interrupted, you have up to one hour to resume retrieving the file before the temporary link is de-activated. If an item is received defective or damaged, contact Customer Service at support@financialscoreboard.com with any problems you experience.

How do I install Financial Scoreboard?

Your file is in a self-extracting format for Windows. After you have completed downloading the file to the location you wish to access Financial Scoreboard and Managing by the Numbers, simply double click on the icon to begin. Mac users will need to Drag and Drop the file onto the StuffIt Expander icon.

What versions of Excel support the Financial Scoreboard?

Financial Scoreboard should work with Windows Excel 2000 or later versions without error. Excel 97 users may request an Excel 97 version if you experience any problems. The Financial Scoreboard template may work with other programs, such as Excel MAC or Lotus, however, we make no guarantees of this and all sales are final. Please test our FREE DEMO VERSION to verify compatibility with spreadsheets other than Windows Excel 2000 or later versions.

How can I read Managing by the Numbers?

The eBook version of Managing by the Numbers was included in the file you downloaded and extracted to your computer. This book is in the Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format. If you need to obtain a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader to install on your computer, please click here.

How do I access my Financial Dashboard membership?

To log in to the Financial Dashboard, go to the Financial Dashboard product page on this website or click here. You will need to have an active connection to the Internet in order to access the application and you will need to have Flash version 6 later installed on your system. To obtain and install a free copy of Flash player, click here. After clicking the “Current Subscribers Click here to access Financial Dashboard” link, enter your username and password and hit the return (enter) key. Please read all instructions carefully before beginning.

I need further assistance

If you still have questions about purchasing, Financial Scoreboard downloading or you Financial Dashboard membership, please send a detailed e-mail to Customer Relations at support@financialscoreboard.com.