Most businesses fail because they run out of cash.
Assure the success and
long-term health of your business.

Are you stressed over too much to manage and too little time?

Is lack of time forcing you stick to what you are comfortable with, leaving critical financial management decisions for your business to your accountant?

Do you want financial statements that accurately reflect the operating reality of your business? Do you think your current tax statements reflect your operating reality?

Can you and/or your accounting people accurately and efficiently project your cash-flow in six months, given business decisions you are considering today?

Benefits other small business owners and managers have experienced with Financial Scoreboard™...

Take away the mystery and SEE the accounting picture for the first time.

Now, using Financial Scoreboard, you don't need to leave the critical financial management decisions for your business to your accountant. Get more value from the time and money you spend on accounting.

Have a consistent and common sense way to project cash into the future AND have a better handle on your operations.

Make higher profits and enjoy better cash-flow!

Yes. Seeing how the pieces fit together makes it easier to know how to ask your accountant for the information you need to be fully in charge of your financial/cash-flow management.

Feel great about getting full value from your accounting services dollars.

Convert your financial picture from a tax/financial accounting approach to a management accounting approach with Financial Scoreboard and begin having peace of mind knowing what your bank balance will be in six months.