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“The importance of knowing accounting can not be underestimated, it’s the language of business. If you don't know it, it’s like being in a foreign country without knowing the language.”

Warren E. Buffett,
CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

I want to begin using the Financial Scoreboard™
to get the CASH-FLOW MANAGEMENT edge that
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The Financial Scoreboard is in the Microsoft Windows Excel 2000 .xls format so you can instantly download the software and start profiting from an accounting breakthrough that revolutionized IBM and is your competitive edge in the management and performance of your business.

You can now...

  • Sort out your confusion about financial statements with one clear, simple picture!
  • Take control of your business’s financial health and direction!
  • Provide decision-support that easily communicates to everyone involved!
  • Inspire and motivate your entire organization around the numbers!
  • Create a system that promotes people managing your business effectively!
  • Use an asset and business management system that puts you back in charge!

Consider these important FACTS:

  1. Many non-financial business-people do not really use financial information, because it is generally presented in disconnected fragments.
  2. The fragments are not connected, so the cause-and-effect relationships are not clear.
  3. There is no clarity to distinguish between profit and cashflow.
  4. There is no useful bottom line for either the cash flow statement or for the balance sheet.
  5. There is no distinction between what's most important versus what’s less important.
  6. There is no one-page summary of important financial information.
  7. There is no picture of trends through time; instead they only see one-column financial statements.
  8. Frequently financial ratios are not used.
  9. There is no standard financial glossary.; The word "capital" can be used in 10 ways with financial statement information (excluding the term "capital punishment").
  10. There is no operational story to go with the financial numbers, which makes the numbers dry, dull, and boring — disconnected from reality.
  11. There is no regular group action-planning (huddling) around applying what the numbers tell us.
  12. The information is generally presented in a detailed left-brain format, and without summarization.
  13. Many people are given the information without the training needed for applying it.

Proven Financial Scoreboard
Benefits deliver Bottom Line results!

Microsoft FYE 6/30/03 Scoreboard
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Financial Scoreboard Matrix

  1. Shows all summary-level financial-
    statement dollars.
  2. Shows the financial statements both standalone and as a whole.
  3. Clearly links every financial statement amount both horizontally and vertically, leading to a cause-and-effect mindset.
  4. Mathematically verifies that the financial statements balance overall.
  5. Color-codes each financial statement for ease of viewing.
  6. Allows for easy fill-in-the-blanks for the P&L and the balance sheet amounts.
  7. Requires no cash flows or ratio input; these are calculated by the software.
  8. Used the same procedures for historical, planned, and what-if info.
  9. Provides for up to 13 sequentially linked periods.
  10. Allows for monthly, quarterly, and annually reporting, with periods specified by the user.

Financial Performance Strategies - Microsoft FYE 6/30/03
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Financial Performance Strategies

  1. Shows the three bottom lines (ROA for the balance sheet, Net Profit for the P&L, and Operating Cash Flow for the cash flow statement).
  2. Links the twelve drivers that generate the three bottom lines, showing managers where they should focus their improvement efforts.
  3. Presents both direct and indirect cash flow statements side-by-side, for comparison and ease of analysis.
  4. Calculates and presents all the high-level financial statement ratios.

Trend Analysis Table - Microsoft FYE 6/30/03

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Trend Analysis Table

  1. Shows three-bottom-line trends over time, so that the weakest bottom line can be easily identified.
  2. Links the twelve drivers that generate the three bottom lines, showing managers where they should focus their improvement efforts.
  3. Covers all the important financial information in just one trend table.
  4. Allows for easy customization of financial terminology, for dollars or ratios or both.

Dollar Trends Graph - Financial Performance Trends - Return On Assets Graph - Microsoft FYE 6/30/03
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Ratios and Graphs

  1. Provides a dollar-trend graph showing how well profit and cash flow are tracking with sales.
  2. Provides a ratio-trend graph showing how well Return On Sales, Return On Assets, and Return On Equity are tracking together.

Download the Financial Scoreboard now and immediately begin improving your bottom line with professionally tested tools, including:

  • Seeing how all the financial statements fit together in one picture
  • Improving your cash flow management
  • Making better investment decisions
  • Historical analysis and forecasting
  • And much more!


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